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Why We Get Foot Cramps

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Foot cramps are caused by painful, intense, involuntary spasms or a “knotted” feeling in the muscles. They are usually short-lived or may continue on and off for a few days causing some soreness. Foot cramps most commonly occur in the arch of the foot and can also move to the toes and calf muscle as(read more)

Be Smart about Your Sandals…And Save Your Feet

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Today more than ever, sandals are the norm in the warm weather, and more acceptable in the workplace. Your comfort, wellness and feet go hand in hand. One important factor to consider is the health and safety of your feet to suit your active lifestyle. Our feet contain numerous bones and and joints all connected(read more)

Study finds being a sports fan is good for your health

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By: Melanie Yuill When you think of sports fans, do you think of couch potatoes with a bag of chips in one hand and a beer in the other?  Well, the stereotype, could be just that, a stereotype.  A new study out shows that sports fans are actually pretty healthy. The study written by a(read more)