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Why We Get Foot Cramps

Foot cramps are caused by painful, intense, involuntary spasms or a “knotted” feeling in the muscles. They are usually short-lived or may continue on and off for a few days causing some soreness. Foot cramps most commonly occur in the arch of the foot and can also move to the toes and calf muscle as(read more)

Be Smart about Your Sandals…And Save Your Feet

Today more than ever, sandals are the norm in the warm weather, and more acceptable in the workplace. Your comfort, wellness and feet go hand in hand. One important factor to consider is the health and safety of your feet to suit your active lifestyle. Our feet contain numerous bones and and joints all connected(read more)

When working out is too much of a good thing

By  Dorene Internicola Constantly thinking about the next workout? Upset about missing a exercise class? Fitness experts say more is not always better and overworking a workout can sap strength and invite injury. “We have fit people and deconditioned people who overdo it,” said Geralyn Coopersmith, national director of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute. Read(read more)

Survey: Supplement users make healthier lifestyles choices

When it comes to healthy habits, dietary supplement users appear to make healthier lifestyle choices overall than nonusers, according to a recent study by the Council for Responsible Nutrition released Thursday. According to the most recent CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, supplement users engage in the following healthy habits in higher percentages than do(read more)

Study finds being a sports fan is good for your health

By: Melanie Yuill When you think of sports fans, do you think of couch potatoes with a bag of chips in one hand and a beer in the other?  Well, the stereotype, could be just that, a stereotype.  A new study out shows that sports fans are actually pretty healthy. The study written by a(read more)

Simple, Realistic Diet and Exercise Guidelines Needed

Consumers need to be provided with simple, clearly written, realistic, and tailored guidelines for healthy eating, physical activity, and weight-related recommendations, according to research published online March 8 in Obesity Reviews. Sinead Boylan, Ph.D., of the University of Sydney in Australia, and colleagues conducted a systematic review of the literature and identified 46 relevant studies that(read more)

Multiple strategies needed to flight obesity, study, suggests

By: Nanci Hellmich Students should be physically active for 60 minutes every day at school, fast-food restaurants need to offer healthier foods to kids, and communities need to have trails and other safe areas for residents to encourage physical activity, says a report out today.It’s going to take many strategies like these and a full-scale(read more)

Longer Commutes May Steal Health And Fitness

By: Ann J. Curley  Anybody who has a long daily commute knows the frustration of sitting in traffic with nothing to do but wait. Now, a study suggests that long commutes can take away more than just precious time – they also negatively impact your fitness and health. Previous research has linked longer commutes with(read more)

Is Marathon Running Bad for the Heart?

By Gretchen Reynolds When word circulates that a runner has died of a heart attack, as the inexhaustible ultra marathoner Micah True did last month during a solo wilderness trail run, many people begin to wonder about the healthiness of prolonged strenuous activity. Could marathon training and racing perhaps have damaged the heart muscle of(read more)

Friendships influence kids` activity levels

By Georgiann Caruso  While children do not make or break friendships based on physical activity, a new study suggests their social network of friends can greatly influence how much they move. The research was published in the journal Pediatrics on Monday. “We tend to think of teenagers as being very influential amongst their peers, but now(read more)
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