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Diabetes and Feet: Minor Wounds, Major Problems

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For most people, small foot injuries like calluses or blisters are a minor aggravation. They may feel sore, and they certainly don’t make your feet look any better. But these small wounds can grow into devastating problems for people with diabetes. “The average person will unconsciously change the way they walk to minimize that callus(read more)

Youth diabetes, pre-diabetes rates soar

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By: Nanci Hellmich Diabetes and pre-diabetes have skyrocketed among the nation’s young people, jumping from 9% of the adolescent population in 2000 to 23% in 2008, a study reports today. The findings, reported in the journal Pediatrics, are “very concerning,” says lead author Ashleigh May, an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “To(read more)

UPDATE: Glaxo To Seek OK For Diabetes Drug After Trial Results

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GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK) Tuesday said it will push ahead with plans to file its experimental once-weekly diabetes drug albiglutide for regulatory approval, following the read-out from a series of clinical trials. The British company said top-line data from seven of eight late-stage Phase III clinical studies had now been received and, when taken together, support(read more)

Skipping breakfast could cause diabetes in men

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If you happen to be one of those who doesn’t mind avoiding breakfast, watch out. For scientists have found that men regularly skipping their morning meal are more likely to develop diabetes. The study discovered that missing out on food first thing in the morning increases a man’s chances of getting the disease by more than(read more)

Preventing Diabetic Foot Problems

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For people with diabetes, foot problems can be common. And sometimes what starts out small can turn serious. But in some cases, there’s an easy solution. To Lisa Summers, managing diabetes means staying educated and updated. “There are so many new things that are coming out, not only with medicine but with technology.” A year(read more)

People With Diabetes May Need Earlier Colon Screen

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By Charlene Laino Should people with diabetes be screened for colon cancer at younger ages than is usually recommended? That may very well be the case, say researchers who found that people in their 40s with type 2 diabetes are about as likely to have precancerous colon growths called adenomas as people in their 50s(read more)

Pay attention to your diabetes or face long-term problems

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By: Susan J. Smith Why spend my time paying attention to my diabetes? I feel fine, I don’t have any symptoms and yet my doctor tells me to come back in three months for a follow-up? Diabetes is one of our silent diseases. We can feel fine for months, even years until the damage is(read more)

National Womens Health Week: Gestational diabetes more dangerous than we assume

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By: Janice D’Arcy  The morning after my second daughter was born, I, like any woman fresh from labor and delivery, was famished. Before me sat a tray with a metal dome that concealed an awaiting entrée. As I reached toward it, I imaged a feast of eggs and sausage, maybe a few sautéed vegetables. I(read more)

Merck taps ‘American Idol’ judge Randy Jackson for Taking Diabetes to Heart program

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By: Allison Cerra  Drug maker Merck has introduced a new program that’s designed to provide resources and information to help patients with Type 2 diabetes commit to living a diabetes-friendly lifestyle. The Taking Diabetes to Heart program was developed to help Type 2 diabetics understand that their condition can cause other serious health complications, including(read more)

Investigational Diabetes Drug May Have Fewer Side Effects

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Drugs for type 2 diabetes can contribute to weight gain, bone fractures and cardiovascular problems, but in mice, an investigational drug appears to improve insulin sensitivity without those troublesome side effects, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have shown. Read the full article here.