Workout Pain


During some of my workouts throughout the bottom of me feet becomes so sore i cannot continue, i have just finished a HIIT workout and my feet were just so painful from all the jumping yet yesterday i went and did sprinting with a little bit of hit and had no pain what so ever. I was wearing the same trainers and have done many HIIT videos with no pain, i do some bare foot aswell and they seem to be the least painful.

My trainers are some Asics ones from a local store and i tested my feet to see what shape the arch was and brought the trainers accordingly and have done many many miles of running in them and yet still i get pain, i play football again sometimes i get pain and other times i dont. It mainly feels along the arch and when i roll my feet to rest on the outside edge of the soles the pain is slightly relieved.

I took a slow motion video of my feet just walking and doing some HIIT exercises which i would be more then happy to share if it can help with a better understanding of my foot pain. My feet naturally feel like they roll inwards maybe a bit to far.

Anymore information i can provide to get this sorted just ask and i will get back to you asap.

Thanks in advance.

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