When to wear ankle support for torn ligaments

I was given an ankle lift support and was instructed to wear it whenever I walk but not to wear it in the shower or to sleep. I was told to do a rehabilitation exercise in which I do the ABC’s with my ankle but I’m not sure whether I should have the ankle lift support on while doing them or not. Should I do it with the support or without? It’s been about 11 weeks since I tore two ligaments in my ankle and I’ve been walking without crutches for about 3 weeks now.

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  1. Foot.com

    Hello and thank you for your question. You are now almost 3 months s/p ankle sprain and should be out of the ankle brace by now and fully into physical therapy and getting neuromuscular control back to your ankle. The ligaments are not going to heal without surgery or stem cell injections so that’s not why you are still in the brace. Staying in the brace for too long can actually create neuromuscular weakness so I would suggest transitioning out of it. To build ankle strength you need to do balance training. You can do this at physical therapy or simply stand on one leg daily while brushing your teeth, doing dishes, intermitently throughout the day. If your Podiatrist has not sent you to physical therapy yet then I’d request this or find a physical therapist on your own. I hope this helps.

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