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I recently had a plantar wart removed from the ball of my foot. It was removed by a dermatologist through burning. The same day I had It burned off, I had to play soccer on it and continued to for weeks. The would seemed to be healing well, although now it has seemed to stop. There is a hole there that is still unhealed. The hole is sensitive to touch. The hole is perfectly round, and appears that the wart has grown back. Is there a chance that skin is scar tissue? or is it most likely the wart has grown back?

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  1. Foot-com

    Hello and thank you for the question. Plantar warts can be very persistent and difficult to remove – whether it is through burning, laser, freezing etc. I have seen prior wart sites return as painful scar tissue – so an examination by a Podiatrist or Dermatologist is recommended. If the site is painful when standing or walking, you can use dispersion pads to offload the site. These are available either through a Podiatrist or you can get them online. If the wart has returned, then you unfortunately will have to undergo additional treatment. Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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