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At least it seems to be to me after reading the possible causes/areas of foot pain. I am a nurse, and I spend a lot of time walking, and at times stand in one spot for long periods of time (when passing medications to patients). The past few months I have been experiencing foot pain in my R foot, on the outer aspect, between the heel and my smallest toe. I feel pain when walking on it, but at times it seems to get better when I walk on it for a while – unless I’m walking on uneven surfaces, then I have a lot of pain and it’s difficult to walk on it at all. It doesn’t appear to be swollen. Any idea what this may be?

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    Hello and thank you for the question. It sounds like the area of your foot where your peroneal tendons insert may be irritated. The peroneal muscles are postural muscles that are used when walking, standing, going up stairs etc. If you stand for prolonged periods this can increase the stress placed on the tendon and you begin to develop a tendonitis. I would start by stretching your calves every day for 10 minutes morning and evening. In addition I would release the bottom of the foot by standing on golf balls, lacrosse ball or anything hard. If this does not alleviate the pain then I would recommend seeing a Podiatrist for more thorough examination. Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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