Undiagnosed foot pain

For a long time now, but not every night, I get woken up from sleep w/ horrendous, excruciating pain. It feels like every single bone, tendon, everything has turned outward to the left (on left foot, though had it on right foot lastnight which I don’t think has happened, it’s always been left foot!) and then feels like someone is literally trying w/ all the strength they have to rip my foot off my leg. It lasts a few/several minutes, though feels like hours since it hurts so bad. Definitely comparable to labor. I also get bad charlie horses in my legs, but as bad as they are, they don’t compare to this foot pain. I’ve been to a foot dr who sent me to a back dr who sent me to a Neurologist who sent me to a Pain Specialist. I’ve had x-rays, MRI, nerve test, and I don’t know what all else. This has been over the course of several months, close to a year, though the pain I’ve had quite a bit longer than that. They’ve never mentioned ONE possible diagnosis!!! I honestly cannot believe this. It’s NOT normal!!! And I seriously can’t handle it and now that it was in my right foot, if I got it in both feet at one time, I would go insance. I wore my tall boots lastnight after the pain in my right foot since I don’t get the pain when I’m wearing shoes. Please help. I’m going to a Physical Therapist Monday, but they’re my last hope, though one of the dr’s said the foot dr I originally went to is lazy and always refers ppl to a back or other dr. Thanks! Kris

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Has the neurologist tried to rule out idiopathic neuropathy? Neuropathies are not always numbness but can be pain, burning, tingling, sharp. Have you had your inflammatory levels tested (CRP, ESR)? If you feel the condition is neurological and / or inflammatory then I’d suggest looking at more functional medicine approaches. There are vitamins, supplements and IV treatment for these conditions. Physical therapy in my experience really won’t do anything for this condition. I hope this helps!

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