Torn ligament

Hi Doctor, i have been told by my orthopedist that i have a torn ligament in my left foot and that I should have surgery; although my podiatrist thinks surgery would not benefit me at all. The MRI states: slight chronic sprains of the anterior talofibular & deltoid ligaments with slight anterolateral synovitis & slight posterior tibial tendinopathy with mild sinus tarsi synovitis. I do not have much pain, I just can’t shift my weight on that foot for more that one minute. It feels like the support is gone. I have been dealing with this injury since October 2014 and it hasn’t gotten any better or worse. Should i have surgery, will it help? What are the success rates of surgery for this type of injury? Any information you can provide will surely be appreciated.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Have you done any formal physical therapy and neuromuscular training to the foot? Have you considered stem cell injections for the ligament and tendons? I would honestly exhaust all other treatment options before doing surgery. The rehab and training you need to do should be barefoot and involve different types of proprioception training including Naboso Technology (, PowerPlate ( and Kinesiology Taping ( For the stem cell injections you can consider Amniofix ( or Clarix Flo ( I hope this helps!

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