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Hi. I have been having pain from prolonged walking at my job. Its a tender pain on the top and outer side of my right foot, right at the extensor digitorum brevis muscle. There is slight rednes at this muscle and the pain is most intense when picking up the foot or when moving pointing the forefoot up or down. The ext. Dig. Brev. Muscle is also tender to the touch. I have been working on a slippery kitchen floor with no non slip shoes, if that makes a difference. I had surgery twice as a kid on this foot, so the left foot is about an inch longer than my right. I have always been very active but, but have never experienced this condition until now. My question is what causes this inflammation and how can I treat and prevent it? Thanks.

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    Thank you for the question. Without examining you it is difficult for me to say what exactly may be causing your pain, however I will do my best to give you suggestions. Do you have any history of trauma to the area? What were the surgeries for on your foot? There is a ligament that sits under the EDB muscle which may be what’s causing your pain not the EDB itself. If I have additional information it will allow me to better give you recommendations for decreasing your pain. Thank you.

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