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My husband has swelling & pain on the top, middle part of his foot. He has to wear special steel-toed, metal topped, shoes for his work. The doctor has taken multiple ex-rays, and sees nothing. He takes pain meds everyday for 3 months. I thought being off his feet for a week would help, but it did not. What could this problem be?

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    Thank you for your question – and sorry to hear your husband is having foot pain. Unfortunately, without examining him it is difficult for me to accurately know the cause of his pain. Have your husband track the types of activities that increase the pain, such as standing, walking, going down stairs etc. – as well as what decreases the pain. He should also note if he has pain right away in the morning or if it gradually increases throughout the day.

    If your husband has seen the same Dr each time, I would recommend getting a second opinion.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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