My last 3 toes have been hurting for a few months. Left leg only. Unable to walk on them and when walking, I try to only walk on the inside large ball of my foot. Toes do not hurt when not used. No swelling but the pain when putting pressure on them to walk is bad. I had a DVT in the calf of this leg and am on thinners.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Without examining you this is very difficult for me to accurately advise you. I would suggest if there are no color or temperature changes to the foot and toes, you wouldn’t have to be as concerned with a vascular issue.

    However, I would see your Vascular Surgeon if you have not done so. If there are no vascular symptoms then it could be Podiatry-specific including toe sprain, neuroma, stress fracture, metatarsalgia among others.

    Kindly either provide additional information or see your health care professional in person.

    Good luck.

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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