My big toe toenail completely fell off and I did not notice it until I took a shower and was drying my feet approximately 7 or 8 hours later. I found the nail on the floor and thought it was someone elses and that they had cut their toenails and dropped it. I tossed it in the garbage. Shortly after finding it I went about my errands and there was some pain earlier in the day but I thought nothing of it because sneakers sometimes make my feet hurt and I have had calsium deposits on both feet removed over 15 years ago but I think maybe they are coming back because the outside of my feet will swell and then they are fine after a day or so. Up until the last 7 years I seldom wore sneakers except on weekends. I would usually wear 3 to 5 in heels. Should I see my doctor or should I be concerned?

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    Thank you for your question.

    Toe nails can loosen and begin to fall off if there is any history of trauma or fungus in the nail bed. If this is the first time your nail has fallen off, I would not be too alarmed but evaluate the other toenails to see if they are also loose at the nail bed. If you do have a nail fungus, I recommend seeing your Podiatrist who can give you topical or oral medicine and prevent the nails from getting brittle, discolored and loose. As you wait for your new nail to grow out, remember it can take between 9 months to a year!

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