Toenail Regrowing Unattached

I am an active runner and my big toenail was completely separated from the bed after a long marathon. I removed the toenail and it is now growing back very thin and not connected to the nail bed. How do I get it to reattach as it grows back in?

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Often times when there is trauma to a toenail, especially trauma that results in blood under the nail, there are permanent issues in re-attachment. Blood under the nail can injure that adherence between nail and nail bed. This is called an onycholytic nail. In this case there is very little to nothing that can be done to re-attach the nail. You can consider KeryFlex which helps to guide the nail as it grows out but usualyly after micro-trauma of running it will usually not resolve this issue. In the future you can consider putting lambs wool in the front of your running shoe to offset the micro-trauma. I hope this helps!

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