Toenail color change

Hi! Recently I’ve noticed that my big toenail has turned a yellowish color. The bottom portion of the nail bed is still normal colored. It also seems that this yellow nail is growing on top of the toenail, as a second layer. This part of the toenail is also pretty loose if I move it around. Is this a fungus? Is it cause for alarm? Thanks!

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    Hello and thank you for the question. Sounds like you are describing fungus. I’d either see a Podiatrist to get a prescription anti-fungal or you can start with an over the counter treatment. The most effective treatments for toenail fungus are a nail laquer or oral medication (Lamsil). Creams and gels are not effective on toenails. It can take months to resolve toenail fungus so you want to make sure you are using something every day. I hope this helps!

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