Toe pain and joint tight

Hey, so I’ve been struggling with this toe injury for about 3 months now. The pain started to occur one morning when I woke up. The pain is located from my big toe to the socket of the big toe. It wasn’t too bad to start so i continued working my factory job(heavy boots and hard floor) and continued playing soccer. Then the pain increased to a really sharp pain when bending the toe, anything bumping into it and also sharp pain in the socket of the big toe. I stopped working and playing soccer to try and let it heal. After a couple weeks I went and saw a podiatrist/got an x-ray. X-ray showed nothing however he said my big toe was lower then it should be and that it was taking most of my weight causing it to grow thicker then my other big toe. Because of this my foot is also getting really tight and its causing more pain. However the custom orthotics that he made for me haven’t been working. Randomly when walking a sharp pain will strike both toe and socket. It also hurts to push of with the big toe and it also feels like the toe is now tight as well. Walking barefoot, icing and staying of it has helped the most however its not getting better and no one seems to be able to help.

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