toe joint? second opinion?

My left foot was really hurting when I walked on it, several years ago I jumped into a pool that was shallower than anticipated and twisted the foot. The base of my middle toes (2-4th) were bruised and it took several weeks to heal. I went to the doctor yesterday who took xrays. He concluded it was the joint and I could ice it, take advil and wear ‘harder’ shoes. I have a couple of questions, on the xray there were white areas (half circles is what they looked like) one on either side of my middle toe. There was a little white crescent on the toe to the left of it and there was also a bit of white on the outside of my pinky toe. The pain radiates all the way up to my ankle when walking and sometimes at rest. The very outside of my foot also experiences sporadic, occasional pain even if I am not on my feet. Should I get a second opinion from an orthopedist? Or should I ice it/ take advil/wear harder shoes? I work part time and go to school full time so being able to have any long period of rest is pretty much out of the question

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    Thank you for the question. Without examining you it is hard for me to fully say what is going on -but I will do my best to provide some clarity to your questions.

    What you are describing on xray is what is called sclerosis. Sclerosis is a bone reaction secondary to excess pressure or joint degeneration. If you have a previous injury from jumping in the pool and did injury your small joints then this would be most likely secondary to that injury. It is a common finding on an Xray and would not be overly concerned.

    If you feel like your concerns were not addressed with the first Doctor, then I always encourage patients to get a second opinion! I hope this helps – and best of luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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