Tight achilles tendons, unable to walk correctly after 2 total knee replacements.

I have orthotics. I use the Aetrex inserts in my slippers. They make them wearable. I was walking fine before the 2 TKRs. An Achilles lengthening may not be the answer and unlike the TKRs, it has a long recovery. I need a wide shoe. I am looking for a wide shoe with some type of a wedge. Do you have any suggestions. Of course, I have been doing PT.

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  1. Foot.com

    Hello and thank you for your question. The brands I’d look into are Aetrex, New Balance and Saucony. All have a heel toe drop to offload the Achilles and a wide forefoot to allow the toes to spread. In combination with Lyncos any should be a good option. I hope this helps!

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