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The “fat pad” on the bottoms of my feet is almost non-existent. My feet hurt all of the time and the only comfortable shoes are my Crocs or my tennis shoes fitted with heel cups. It there anything I can do to alleviate the pain? They seem to have a tingly sensation too. I do not have diabetes. I’m only 56 and I don’t want to have to wear grandma shoes yet! Heels are out for me. Currently when it is unbearable, I take 4 Advil and the pain is less but I can’t live on that stuff. Any suggestions?

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    Thank you for the question.

    Depending on foot type, activity level and age, a person can begin to experience fat pad atrophy in the foot. Common to the ball of the foot and heel, this condition is commonly treated with orthotics and shoe modification. If the pain persists, there are procedures where dermal fillers or your own fat (!) can be injected into the ball and heel of your foot. Only certain Podiatrists and Cosmetic Surgeons do this procecdure so you may have to hunt a little.

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