Tenderness when pressure applied to ball of foot – No pain when walking

I’m new here and instead of seeing a doctor (which I detest) I’m giving this forum a try first. 🙂

About four days ago I was cleaning my house and I stepped on the threshold to my bedroom. It’s kind of narrow but I’d done it a million times before, only this time I felt a tinge of pain. I shrugged it off and carried on with my chores. Then that night I was sitting on the couch watching tv with my son and I flexed my foot…toes up style, angled it to the left and it hurt. So I pressed on the spot that hurt with my fingers and OUCH. Since then if/when I step on something, like a pencil or even the edge of a throw rug on that part of my foot it hurts like crazy. The pain subsides after a few seconds, though. Two days ago after I irritated it I even felt a slight hot/burning sensation.

The spot that is tender is in the ball/arch. No swelling that I can see. I’ve looked at all the possible culprits and none of them really fit. For example, I can walk and run without pain with shoes or without but if I step on something small on that precise spot it hurts like crazy. I was wearing flip flops a lot recently. I’ve worn them before and had what I believed to be Morton’s neuroma. What I have now felt NOTHING like that.

What could it be??

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  1. Foot-com

    Hello and thank you for the question. Without examining you it is difficult for me to say exactly what may be causing your pain but I will do my best.

    It does sound like you have inflammation between the metatarsal heads in the ball of the foot. This could be related to an inflamed neuroma, bursa (fluid filled sac) or ligaments around the toe joint. It is not uncommon for patients to experience pain like you are describing after a foot massage or stepping on the foot wrong.

    You can either ice the area, use a metatarsal pad to offload the area or see a Podiatrist and get a steroid injection. Many of these small areas in the foot will resolve in time but if you want to accelerate the process then I would recommend seeing a Podiatrist.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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