Swelling on the pad of my great toe

I have swelling on the pad of my great toe, under the proximal bone. It’s worse with standing. I’m in my feet 12hrs+ for work. Selling decreases when I’m off. There is pain on the lateral and medial when a press- 3/10. When it’s very swollen there’s discomfort when walking. I just switched jobs and am planning to see a specialist when my insurance kicks in next month.

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  1. Foot.com

    Hello and thank you for your question. Would you be able to provide a picture? Sounds like it may be a callus or corn due to excessive pressure. There are small condyles (bumps) on the bones in the feet which make them susceptible to callus / corn formation. These can be very painful but if identified, can be treated easily. The most important thing is avoiding excessive pressure to the areas. Until you can see a Podiatrist you may want to get a donut-type corn / callus pad from the drug store. It is designed to shift pressure away from pain in the foot. I hope this helps!

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