Suspicious callus-like disc on heel

I have a problem with the heel of my foot. I’ve been to 3 podiatrists who haven’t been able to tell me what it is, or how to treat it, other than to file it down. It is a circular disc shape in the skin of my heel, it gets thicker to the point where it is uncomfortable to walk, even though I do file it. Filing sometimes causes it to become a circular cut around the shape of the disc, leading me to be unable to put weight through my heel for a couple of weeks until the open skin heals.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. I’d honestly need to see a picture of your foot / heel to see what you are describing. Sounds like it may be an IPK or a type of corn that grows inward. These do return after shaving them down however you can use U pads or donut pads to offload the area when the pain becomes too much. In addition if you go to the Podiatrist every couple months they can shave it down for you. But again if I don’t see a picture I don’t know for certain if this is an IPK or not. I hope this helps!

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