Sudden toe pain with no cause

Was sitting in a chair, no injury had occurred. Suddenly right 4th toe was extremely painful from tip to about halfway to foot. There was a blackish line across under the nail parallel to white part. This sharp pain lasted 2 hours. After that no pain but toe was red for a couple days and nail looked like starting to come off. After 2-3 days, no sign of the problem. Thanks for help.

One Response

  1. Dr. Emily Splichal

    Hello and thank you for your question. I really would need to see a picture of your toe. If since then you do not have any pain and the nail is normal then I’d not worry about it. It is not rare to have transient pain throughout the body depending on if a nerve higher up in the body was being pinched or a blood vessle restricted. If you can send a picture that would help me. Thank you