Stubbed my toes

About 2 months ago I stubbed my pinky toe on the leg of the bed. (This seems very popular umongst toe injuries) It stung initially, but no swelling and no black and blue. I was not in any significant pain so I assumed it was not broken and did not sustain any injury that warranted any medical attention. Fast forward about two months and that pinky toe is leaning and slightly going under the toe next to it. I was still not in pain, but the pinky toe and 4th toe were not aligned the same as they always were. It is not noticeable when I am standing since the weight pushes all the toes down. It is when I am barefoot and wiggling my toes does the pinky go behind the 4th toe. I just went to a podiatrist (about 2 months after injury) and they took X-rays. The dr said that it was not broken, nor was it broken 2 months ago with an incorrect heal. (This was the good news) But why is it going under the next toe if it was never broken? Then the dr said that it appeared that I tore the ligament on one side of the toe that is causing the toe to not be straight. He also said that it cannot be repaired. I am heartbroken ?. There is nothing that can repair this? He suggested using a spacer, but will this fix the problem? Or just mask the problem? Any suggestions? Thank you! – picky toe obsessed

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Sounds like you are describing what’s called a varus rotation of the 5th digit (toe). This is seen in probably 75% of the population and is due to shoes and foot type. The treatment options that exist include surgery (arthroplasty) or using what’s called Correct Toes ( The rotation is very common and does not have any downside effects as far as function goes. If you have pain in the toe because of shoes then you may want to consider the surgery otherwise the conservative treatment options are recommended. I hope this helps!

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