Still pain and swelling after injury 3 years ago

Three years ago, my daughter did a cartwheel into the coffee table and hit the top of her left foot. The pain is in the top of her left foot, under her toes and shoots up her to her ankle and wraps around her foot under the toes. We have done x-rays, MRI’s and been treated for stress fractures. She is still in pain, we have seen multiple doctors that cannot find out why after she runs, walks or plays sports her foot swells and is painful to the touch. The last special doctor we saw, did an MRI and x-rays and said that he thinks the nerves were sending wrong signals and we need to soak her foot in cold water for 15 minutes then soak in warm water for 15 minutes to have the nerves act correctly. What could possible be wrong?

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    Hello and thank you for your question. I would see a Neurologist for your daughter to rule out CRPS or RSD complex regional pain syndrome. This is what it sounds like to me based on the above description. This will not show up on MRI or Xray, they may need to do an EMG or NCV test. The treatment can be more complicated than simply alternating hot / cold water. I would seek out a speciaist in this area. I hope this helps!

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