Starting to walk on the outsides of my feet & turning inward, WHY?

I’ve been working the same job going on 2 years and I’ve noticed that I’m starting to make 1st contact with my outer portions of my feet and has become more pronounced in the last few weeks. On top of this my feet are starting to point inwards when I walk. The conditions that I walk on are less than favorable consisting of large crushed rock 1-3″ insize so I’m already having to adapt to it. With the recent noticed changes I would like to correct this before it becomes a huge issue in years to come.

Also as a side note the mobility in my feet are near non existant where I can just wiggle my toes and spread only a few of them with much effort and concentration.

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  1. Foot-com

    Thank you for your question. As I was reading the first part of your question, I immediately starting questioning your foot’s mobility. I would focus on increasing your foot mobility through daily stretching of the calves and peroneals. I also would increase the mobility of the plantar foot with either standing on golf balls or tennis ball. If the terrain you work on is unstable, you need a lot of foot mobility to avoid injuring yourself.

    Another key point to remember is that our foot mobility is linked to hip mobility. So integrate hip stretches daily as well!

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