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Hi, i have spots in the arches of my feet that itch when they are spreading and look like red splinters. They have been there since Jan and have spread rapidly. They are not blisters but have a raised effect that is noticable to the eye and touch.

I have been to the podiatrist which gave me a cream and said if the spots in the arch of my feet didnt go away then it wasnt a fungus. Im very anal about cleanliness so it definately was almost impossible to have been.

I seen my doctor which gave me a steroid to control the itch and hopefully the spread but no luck there either. They suggested dyshidrosis. I looked it up and it looks nothing like it nor do I have watery blisters, no blisters period. Also the suggestion was that I had blood vessels pop and bleeding under the skin.

I seen a Dermatologist a month ago which gave me a Rx that wasnt covered by my insurance. I have managed to get an appointment for in the morning but scared of what may be next…a punch biopsy.

Would you have any idea or suggestions??

Thanks for your time,

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  1. Foot-com

    Thank you for your question. Skin conditions can be complex and often mistaken for fungal infections or dermatitis-type issues. First line treatment is typically steroids to decrease any itching. If there is no noted improvement after trying anti-fungals and steroids then it may be recommended that you do a biopsy.

    In addition to the creams, I would avoid any soaps, socks or shoe materials that may be causing an allergy.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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