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Hi Dr. Splichal, I was playing some intramural football with the boys 2 nights ago and was defending the QB from a pass rusher. The pass rusher went to cut to get around me, but I kept with him and he tripped knocking me over and landing all 185lbs of him on my lower leg. I heard a pop, I’m assuming from my ankle which hurt a ton and sharp pain in my shin. Walked it off and sat down for about 5 mins, pain went away and I went back to playing. Dumb idea, I know. After about half an hour more the pain was unbearable and even when I wasn’t putting weight on it the slow dull pain was causing me to wince. I’m an Applied Physiology and Kinesiology major so did some RICE protocol and took some NSAIDs. Worried I fractured it, haven’t had pain this bad since I split the distal phalanx of my greater toe in half also playing football. The pain kept me up late 2 nights ago and has since subsided, but after a long day of walking I can feel it returning slowly or if I hop up and down on that leg. My ankle feels great now, but my shin is questionable. I want to hope the damage to my shin is just a bone contusion and not a stress or hairline fracture, but its been 2 days and I haven’t seen any bruising yet. When I run my fingers with some pressure along the anterior side of the tibia there is no pain, but on the medial side on the lower 3rd of my tibia there is pain if I palpate. Thank you!

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    Hello and thank you for your question. I would always err on the side of caution and get an Xray. You can either go to your Podiatrist or an Urgent Care Center. To be on the safe side you can wear a compression sleeve on your lower leg as this will add some stability and control some inflammation that may not be apparent yet. If you do in fact have a fracture you will need to be in a camwalker for a period of 2 – 6 weeks depending on how severe it is. I hope this helps!

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