something in my foot

I thought I had a thorn in my left foot (fleshey outside) so after a few days of feeling it I decided to try to get it out…I cut around it with a straight pin and really couldn’t see anything so I gave up. Since then it has formed a hard callus and has become more painful. I did 4 aerobics class in a row last week and now both my feet are so sore I can barely stand it. I have somewhat low arches. The balls of my feet hurt and also the heel. Now to top it off I can feel a sopt on my right foot that feels like the original spot felt but I will not doctor myself. It is a thorn or something or is there a condition that can occur?

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    Thank you for your question. If you suspect that you have something in your foot I would see a Podiatrist who can better evaluate you. In the mean time, I recommend soaking your foot in warm water and epsom salt as this can help splinters or foreign objects in foot surface. I would not recommend trying to remove it on your own just in case the area gets infected. As far as the ball of foot and heel pain, I recommend stretching the calves and bottom of the foot. If the pain persists, I recommend seeing a Podiatrist. Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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