Shooting pain in the both feet, especially when lying down

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My wife has been experincing acute pain in her feet. The following are her symptons

1. The pain is worst at night time when she is in bed ready for sleeping. She describes it as a shooting pain in her feet. It only takes a few minutes before it can get severe, sometimes longer. To assist in the pain reduction I massage her feet, and she asks for her toes to be massaged mostly.

The pain is that bad that she cries for a short period most nights.

2. If she is at home, she has to “rest her feet:” a number of times a day to relieve the pain.

3. At times she can go most of the day without resting her feet …typcially this occurs when visiting, or when at home, if people visit then it seems to take her mind away from the pain.

4. My wife is obese and a diabetic, and 49 years old.

5. Her mobility is severley depreciated. She cannot walk for any length of time

6. You can appreciate that we have a 10 year old daugher. I am a very active person so this condition is very distressing.


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  1. Foot-com

    Thank you for the question Branko and sorry to hear your wife is experiencing foot pain.

    Considering she is a diabetic, has she ever been to a Podiatrist? It is recommended that all diabetics see a Podiatrist for a diabetic foot evaluation at least once a year. Depending on how well her blood sugar is controlled, she may be experiencing symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy or DPN. DPN is associated with high blood sugar that damages the nerves.

    As the nerves become damaged due to the blood sugar, symptoms such as burning, tingling and numbness begin to present. These symptoms occur in the feet (often starting in the toes) and or in the hands (fingers). The symptoms typically increase at night due to venostasis.

    There is medication for painful DPN, as well as vitamin supplements that can help support new nerve growth. I recommend your wife see a Podiatrist for a diabetic foot evaluation and to discuss treatment options if she does in fact have DPN.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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