Shooting Ankle Pain after an old injury

Hello, I have recently begun experiencing shooting ankle pain while standing and walking. In March of 2016, I fell down a flight of stairs and made out with only a *presumably* sprained ankle. At the time, the entire outside of my right foot and ankle was bruised. My ankle was incredibly swollen. It was incredibly painful and difficult to walk and I used crutches for about a week. I informally saw a doctor (I work for an eye doctor who was having knee pain, a friend of his that is also a physician came to look at his knee and offered to take a look at my ankle.) He said that it was obviously not broken or I wouldn’t be walking at all, but that it was possible that I had torn some ligaments and that they should heal on their own. But the pain still comes back. It is not a constant pain, and I can go weeks sometimes without having any issues. When the pain starts it will come on suddenly while standing, walking, or putting pressure on my ankle. I get an incredible sense of instability one second, and then it will be okay if I adjust my weight for a moment. I have tried using an ankle brace, which only seems to disturb the swelling and does not help with the instability. I have tried icing and elevating and it seems to bring temporary relief but nothing has lasted. The ankle swells to a degree that is noticeable to others, but it does not prevent me from getting my shoes on. I would really appreciate some advice on what steps I should take, if I should see a doctor, what kind of doctor could help, etc..

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    Hello and thank you for your question. I would see a Podistrist who is also qualified at doing surgery – not that you need surgery but they usually have a deeper understanding of ankle pathology. You may need to get an MRI to rule out an injury deeper within the joint. It could be damage to the ankle ligaments and or it could be a chip fracture on the inside of the ankle joint. Treatment could be a simple as a steroid injection to scoping the joint however this would need to be determined in person. i hope this helps.

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