Severe Hammertoe

On my right foot, second toe (the one right next to the big toe) really wants to head towards the big toe. I’ve been diagnosed with Hammertoe. The doc told me to wear those toe braces with consistency for awhile. He said surgery most often ends up worse than any better. Well those toe braces aren’t strong enough, and the toe keeps doing its own thing. I’ve gotten the loop that goes around 2 goes (2nd and third), but it’s starting to hurt the third one because I have to make it fairly tight. The toe doesn’t straighten very easily either, although there is mobility there.

Is there a better brace that will hold the toe down and perhaps straighter? Should I go back to the doc and see if they can make something?

Any guidance is appreciated.


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  1. Foot-com

    Hello and thank you for your question. The thing with hammertoes is that there are two types – flexible and rigid. It sounds like yours may be moving in the direction of rigid – which means that it is not reducible or able to straighten fully.

    If this is the case no brace or splint will ever reverse the hammertoe – the only way to fully reverse it is with surgery. I have done hundreds of hammertoe surgeries and a majority end up successful and pain-free to the patient.

    If your pain persists it may be of benefit to get a second opinion from a Podiatrist who actively does surgery. If you are not interested in surgery then having a realistic expectation of what a brace or splint can or cannot do is important.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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