Severe foot pain

I have had severe foot pain since I was a young child, I am now 28years old and still suffering. I have awful pain on the inside of my feet, seems to be focused around the bone on the inner foot. I have tender heels – not when I step on them but more if I touch the bony part at the back, they feel very bruised. My feet hurt on exertion and if I sit down for a little while, when I stand up it takes a while for me to walk properly and get my balance back due to the pain. I have seen various chiropodists and podiatrists, I have had a number of different inner soles given to me, I have been told its plantar facitis on many occaisions and although I believe there is an element of this I believe it is something much more severe. This pain is a daily occurance for me and resting does not fix it as when I get up and walk again or have a busy day the pain returns, I would be resting forever if this was the case. There is no visible swelling but a lot of pain.

I would appreciate any suggestions.


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    Thank you for the question.

    Sorry to hear you are experiencing foot pain. Without examining you or knowing your foot type, it is difficult to fully say the cause of your pain. I would recommend getting another opinion from a Podiatrist who is big in sports medicine and biomechanics.

    If you only experience the pain when you are walking or weight bearing then it is most like related to the functional support or structure of your feet. Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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