Severe arch pain, need advice

7.5 weeks ago , I started having severe pain in the under-side-arch of left foot. Iced foot, pain still to much to walk on. I went to Dr. , I was put in boot told to keep walking. Pain is intense, could not take any inflammtion i.e. adivil, aleve for pain, due to the fact i have a blood clotting problem, advil will thin my blood out to much. I have done the stretch, ice, rest, elevate, roll cold water bottle under foot nothing works. Had MRI, no tear or rupture, just severe swelling. I had a cortisone shot, worked for about 3-4 days. Please any suggestions!! It is now close to 2 months of misery. Thank you D.Z.

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    Hello and thank you for question. Without seeing your foot it is hard for me to say exactly however based on how you are presenting I would also ensure that you are strengthening your foot or using proper foot control. We get foot pain when there is not a balance in foot stress vs. foot recovery. For the foot stress you may need to use orthotics and supportive footwear. I recommend looking at Aetrex Lyncos ( To control the foot recovery that is the rollilng, stretching, icing. You do want to make sure you are doing this every day for 10 minutes. Are you still in the camwalker? Have you been sent to physical therapy? Are you on your feet long hours every day? Do you have any medical conditions? There are many factors that can effect your ability to recover quickly.