Seeking Relief for Morton’s Neuroma

I’m seeking relief for Morton’s neuroma. My right foot will start to hurt during tennis and continue to get worse for the next 6-8 hours afterward. Nothing stops the pain and it is pretty intense. It’s somewhat sporadic but always flares up on weekends if I don’t wear my usual shoes. During the workweek, I wear a rocker shoe (MBT) shoe with a lynco L625 insole. I do have the L425 in my tennis shoe but I still have the issue. I did a course of cortisone injections which helped to some extent but did not completely alleviate the problem. I really can’t play tennis with out getting on the balls of my feet but I’m wondering if a shoe with a larget toebox might help. Any other ideas would be welcomed.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. The way I address Morton neuromas in my office is with injections. Shoes can only do so much for neuromas, you really need to either reduce the inflammation around the neuroma or shrink the size of the neuroma. If you’ve done cortisone injections with some relief but not complete then I’d suggest switching to alcohol injections or stem cell injections. I typically to 6 – 10 alcohol injections (one per week) with a high success rate. In those who do not get complete relief we will switch to stem cell injections such as AmnioFix or Clarix Flo. You can also look into radiofrequency ablation. Again simply addressing this through footwear modifications is not going to give you the relief you are expecting. I hope this helps!

  2. Sharon Watson

    I have done alcohol injections, cortisone injections and prolotherapy for my neuromas. None have worked. I looked into stem cell therapy but could not find any confirmation that it is effective Have you had noticeable improvement for your patients using stem cell therapy? Due to the prohibitive cost it is not something I want to try without some conclusive results.

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