Recent ankle repair surgery: What shoe has arch support, lots of cushion, and wide toe box?

All of my life I have had foot problems and now I have a really BIG problem.
I fractured my (L) ankle in June. Surgically repaired the fracture, 2 torn tendons and my heel was somewhat realigned. I now have 4pins and a plate in my ankle as well as a screw in my heel. I had complications from the surgery so my foot remains swollen about 1 1/2 sizes larger than my right foot with a lot of residual pain in both my ankle and foot. I developed venous insufficiency in both feet and legs from the surgery and confinement to a wheelchair for 10plus weeks. My current shoe size is 101/2 Left and 9Right and i must wear compression stockings daily.
I am currently wearing an ASO ankle brace and will soon be wearing an ASO brace encompassing my foot,and ankle up to the middle of my calf for support.
In addition I have flat feet, (L) foot actually sticks to the floor at the arch area when barefoot, over-pronation, Rheumatoid arthritis with extreme pain primarily in the forefoot and toes, slightly pigeon toed , have bunions and repaired Morton neuromas on both feet, (L) foot somewhat successfully, (R) successful, last but not least slight hammer toes on both feet.
I have spent thousands of dollars on shoes over the years and nothing is really very comfortable. The last few years I have been forced to wear Crocs as they are the only shoe that consistently feels fair on my feet and are affordable for every day use.

My Question :What type of women’s dress shoe might be appropriate for me?I have asked the Foot surgeon , physical therapist, podiatrist, and the orthotics technician to recommend something and they have nothing
to say except find a shoe that fits you.
I hope that you will have some suggestions for me. I do not expect anyone to tell me that there is a miracle shoe out there that is going to fix all my problems and cause 0 pain!!! I just want to find a shoe to try that might work for me that does not cost as much as my mortgage payment, and has some type of return guarantee if they don’t work for me.
Thank you Linda White

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  1. Foot-com

    Hello and thank you for the question. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a complex foot injury/surgery history.

    My suggestion for footwear would be to get diabetic shoes. Depending on your insurance you should be able to get a pair covered by your insurance and it should include custom-molded inserts (which are quite comfortable to patients).

    With the venous insufficiency and injury history you may be able to get something signed by your doctor approving the orthopedic footwear. If you have not looked at Aetrex footwear line I highly suggest their footwear. Another suggestion is custom footwear but this may be expensive.

    I hope this helps.

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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