Re-curring Foot Pain

Hello, I have recurring extreme foot pain. Not able to walk on the foot and very sensitive to touch. Have been to many Dr.’s, Diagnosis at times with Gout, but the meds don’t work. Then Tentinitis at other times. Wore a boot for several weeks which helped at one time, but does not seem to help now. The pain starts on the outer side of my foot and then travels all over the foot over weeks. At some points the pain gets less in the foot and travels to the ankle and causes significant swelling. This reaccures randomly. Sometimes weeks in between and then months. I have had this issue for about 5 years and can never get a diagnosis or treatment plan for long term. It always comes on without injury and in the beginning to does not hurt more with walking. It seems that nothing will change the course of the events, walking, resting, footwear, OTC meds. Nothing has any affect. It just runs its course. I had an MRI and other foot scans done which really showed nothing. I do not know what kind of Dr. to see or what to do about it. I am hoping to find some sort of treatment that could help manage the pain and/or reduce the down time. I am an active person, 67 yrs old and get frustrated for the many days that I cannot walk. Any ideas or options I can try? Thanks so much

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Without examining your foot this is of course going to be difficult for me to give an accurate recommendation. However I will do my best to provide alternative recommendations.

    Have you tried acupuncture? Have you tried foot myofascial release and foot strengthening either at home, in physical therapy or via Pilates or yoga? What is your nutritional status and overall inflammation level? I’d start looking at alternative medicine techniques if you’ve tried several Drs, MRIs, boots and medication. Sorry I cannot provide more answers.

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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