Radiating pain from ball of foot

Hi Doctor, I’m having trouble getting a diagnosis, can you help me please?…I have had a pain in the center of ball of foot, dime sized, which radiates up to the second and third toe, ending in numbness.It feels like a tightly pulled thread. I have a large callus layer on the outside covering it. The large toe is affected mostly on its inner side, with numbness and stiffness.. The upper side of my foot has a feeling of strings being pulled tightly inside up the front of my shin., . I have since developed a limp and am needing physiotherapy. The doctor said I have soft tissue damage. I had two x-rays,  no fracture apparent. One podiatrist suggested CRPS but I don’t think it’s that as I can trace the pain back to its origin which is a localized spot mentioned above. I am normally a healthy athletic person and this is creating harmful inactivity. No doctor has prescribed me any pain relief other than endless Naproxen or Tylenol. I need a proper diagnosis or a suggestion. Thankyou.

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  1. Foot.com

    Hello and thank you for your question. Sounds like you are experience nerve irritation / inflammation of which a cause may / may not be known regardless I would address your pain as a nerve condition. You can address nerve inflammation with NSAIDs (Advill Aleve etc), with vitamin supplementation (R-Lipoic Acid, acetyl-l-carnitine, L-methyl folate), nerve flossing / soft tissue mobilization or with lasers. If you haven’t tried any of the above outside of NSAIDs then it’s worth looking into these other treatments. You can also consider things such as accupuncture, cryotherapy and IR saunas. I hope this helps!

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