Pronated foot

Hello doctor. My feet are pronated and it developed into other problems; my knee hurting and my pelvis is going anterior. I am playing basketball, but now I stopped because of that. In my country I have seen best doctors, but no one could help me. If you had time, I would like you to help me to remove pain and enjoy basketball again. I hope to get your answer as soon as possible! 🙂

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Depending on the severity of your pronation you may want to consider custom orthotics. If you cannot get custom orthotics then something over the counter such as Aetrex Lyncos ( would help you as well. In addition to orthotics I’d also start stretching your calves and rolling the bottom of your feet on a golf ball / lacrosse ball every day. Due to the anterior tilt of your pelvis I’d also recommend stretching your quads and hip flexors on a daily basis. You can find easy to do stretches online. The daily stretches plus orthotics should help to decrease and manage the pain from your feet. I hope this helps!