Foot numbness/tingling and feels like rock under toes

Last Dec 2016, I had a herniated disc in my back which pinched the sciatic nerve that ran all the way down to my foot. When this happened my entire foot went numb for a few seconds-it felt like a flame was on it. Most of the feeling returned a few minutes later except some numbness around my 2 middle toes and part of the top of my foot and ankle. It is still this way 7 months later and it still tingles from time to time. The biggest problem I still continue to have since then, it feels just like a rock is under my toes. Not the ball of my foot. Right under the middle part of my toes. Toes 2-3. When I am barefoot, it is not to bad, but when I wear shoes, it really hurts and sometimes I must walk on the side of my foot. Thoughts on what this is and how to repair. Thanks

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    Hello and thank you for your question. This is a common symptom I see in patients who have larger nerve issues (sciatica being one example). If you have not discussed with your doctor about nerve protective supplements then I would consider taking these – R lipoic acid (600mg), acetyl-l-carnitine (500mg) and L-methyl folate (1000ug x 3). All of these have shown to increase nerve growth factor while decreasing inflammation. If your foot pain continues you may also want to rule out a neuroma in the foot. This can be addressed with steroid, alcohol or stem cell injections. I hope this helps!

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