Plantar warts

I went today for plantar wart removal. After 2 doses of a numbing agent and many needles, the area to be removed, was not numb and I couldn’t go a third round with those needles. Almost fainted after round 2. No podiatrist will put you out for wart removal. I am very discouraged and angry, but I can only take so much pain. Why can’t they put you out for the removal. I understand the risk with anesthesia, but I cant take the pain of needles and the pain from the wart. Has to be another way. Thank you.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. How large is your wart? Technically you could go to the OR for the wart removal however the issue you are dealing with is 1. will your insurance cover this service 2. how much is the Dr going to get paid to take you to the OR. It’s really not medically appropriate to go to the OR for a wart removal and with increasing medical fees and insurance rates it is highly unlikely your insurance wouldn’t cover it anyway. What you can do is take a Xanax or something before you go to the Drs office to relax more during the procedure. I hope this helps!

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