Plantar fasciitis complication

I was put in a tall splint for plantar fasciitis. Because of my extremely large calf the pressure was extreme. I couldn’t even fit the wedge under my toes. My ankle stared hurting. After 4 days the pain was so bad I couldn’t put weight on the foot. An MRI revealed mild bone marrow edema in my ankle bone (cubiod?). Could the mild bone marrow edema have been caused by the extreme pressure from the splint?

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Yes if you have continuous pressure on the foot or bone you can get swelling or edema although the cuboid bone is not your ankle. What I would suggest is switching from a dorsal night splint to a posterior night spint if you feel this is due to pressure from the splint. You can also switch from a night splint to rolling the foot and calf on a RAD Roller every day 10 minutes. I hope this helps!

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