Pinky toe dislocated?

Hi, I’m a ballet dancer who dances on pointe at least 2.5 hours a week and my pinky toe on my right foot has been feeling weird the past couple of days. It looks more rotated outwards than usual, and it feels like there’s something pulling right in between my 4th toe and pinky toe. Is it dislocated? I think it would be significantly more painful if it was (there is occasional sharp pain up the outer side of my pinky toe, but it’s not in pain when I walk). When I walk, it feels almost as if I’m stepping on the outside of my pinky toe, as if it was lying flat on its side. What do you think?

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    Hello and thank you for your question. This is a very common complaint among dancers and those who wear narrow shoes (high heels, dress shoes). I would ensure you are recovering your feet at the end of the day every day. I recommend rollling your foot on RAD Rounds ( for 10 minutes following by 30 minutes of Correct Toes ( It is very difficult to reverse the rotation of the 5th toe without surgery. If you notice pain in your pointe shoes you can try to tape the toe in a de-rotated position or wrap it with lambs wool. I hope this helps!

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