Persistent pain and swelling in feet, no diagnosis

Hello Doctor. I have had pain in both of my feet and here`s a short history (it is long and complex but please read). It started with my right foot mid 2015, when my area below (not the ankle itself) the outer ankle started darkening and I had a tingling pain in the morning, immediately after waking up, though it would end after some hours. I sought assistance from a local hospital, where they did several lab tests including blood test, stool, and urine and all results were negative. Luckily, the pain ended on its own within a month, but the darkening persisted. Fast forward. Late last year (2016), the same issue resumed, but this time it was not about darkening but rather, pain in my arch (right foot, but the left one was okay). The pain was worsening daily, which led me to seek assistance from a different hospital, where they talked of arthritis, and gave me some NSAIDS. Unfortunately, by the time I finished my prescription, I only stayed for 48 hours and the pain resumed, and some swelling began on the arch. I returned to the doctor and the same arthritis story persisted, yet the medication did not have any change. I changed the doctor and found another one who gave me similar medication, yet after roughly 48 hours, the same pain resumed. After sometime, my body sort of developed reaction to the drugs such that even after taking them, pain would cease but the swelling persisted. By this time, the problem had spread to both feet. This led the doctor to recommend tests for blood flow (ultrasound at the back of my thigh), which indicated Normal blood flow leading to the doctor suggesting muscle strain. The resultant drugs only added pain and the issue persisted. Again, I changed my doctor, and the new doctor recommended CKD tests through (renal tests, tests on blood proteins, KB ultrasound and several others) all which shown my kidneys as normal. By this time, my feet are naturally swollen and had to by some new open-shoes because my previous ones were too small for the feet. From the kidney tests, the doc suggested Juvenile rheumatoid, and this time gave me some DMARDS like HCQs, which also didn`t held an inch. Another doctor (after DMARDS failed to work) suggested that I take X-RAYS on both feet to confirm bone conditions, which showed that my bones and joints are okay, with no lesions and fractures. Bottom line, I have lived since January this year under medications, mainly NSAIDS (consumed more than 15 brands so far) and I`m scared that i`m harming my body. Last week, I was recommended to seek MRI assistance, as all those doctors have been unable to figure out. Would have an idea of whats wrong with my feet? I`m stressed.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Without examining you it is hard for me to say exactly however I’d start by releasing your feet and focusing on the recovery side of your foot health. I suggest all my patients do 10 minutes of rolling the foot on a golf ball or RAD Roller ( followed by 5 minutes of calf stretching. In addition you can look at products such as Correct Toes ( and insoles by Naboso Technology ( If your pain persists after doing the above every day for 2 weeks then I’d see a Podiatrist in person. Good luck!

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