Periodic severe tingling

Over the last 8 months I have been getting a periodic severe tingling in various locations in my feet. It usually but not always occurs in the middle of the night while sleeping. It normally occurs either in my big toe or the underside on the foot in the arch. Rubbing the location provides minor relief. It usually subsides after 30-40 minutes. It always occurs in only one foot. Over the last month I have experienced some numbness in both big toes. I have brought this to the attention of my general practitioner and he told me it was inflamed nerves and there was no available treatment.

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    Hello and thank you for the question. Without examining you it is difficult for me to say exactly what may be causing your pain.

    Nerve pain is usually more common at night and can be burning, radiating, tingling or numbness. When I have patients with these symptoms and have no associated medical conditions then I look at nerve “stickiness” or adhesion to the connective tissue or fascia. A physical therapist can teach you how to floss your nerves, freeing up any adhesions.

    In addition I recommend either taking anti-inflammatories or vitamins that are nerve protective. You can discuss these options with your Podiatrist. The vitamins I often recommend to my patients are L-methylfolate and/or alpha lipoic acid.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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