Painful on the underside of the arch

My left foot is chronically swollen and intermittently painful on the underside of the arch and on the left top of the foot. MRI and Doppler show nothing but edema. My toes are sometimes numb and my lower calf is also uncomfortable. I have seen a podiatrist and and orthopedist but neither have helped. How can I alleviate the swelling and what other medical professional could help me.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Wihtout examining you it makes it difficult to answer this however I will give basic guidelines on optimal foot health. The MRI should have shown more specifically where the edema is in the arch. Did the MRI mention anything about your plantar fascia? I would begin releasing your feet and calves with a lacrosse ball or RAD Roller ( for at least 10 minutes every day. Which toes go numb? Numbness in the toes can be due to a neuroma or entrapped (sticky) nerve which can be addressed by releasing the foot but sometimes injections. If you can provide a little more information it can better guide my answers. Thank you

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