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I’m in extreme pain at night time with my right foot. It’s located around the ankle under neath it and along side the foot and through the heel. Very painful to stand on and occurs mainly at night or if I’ve been on my feet all day at work. I haven’t fallen tripped or anything I can remember to injure the ankle. The ankle is swollen and had been for a few weeks now and up into my arches. I have quite high arches. can you help please.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. If you have not seen a Podiatrist I would recommend seeing one. Although most ankle or heel pain is soft tissue in nature, such as plantar fasciitis or a tendonitis, a patient can have the occasional stress fracture or fracture. If you have not tried to control the inflammation or stress to the tissue, I recommend either icing at night or taking oral anti-inflammatories. To reduce the stress to the soft tissue you can use an ankle brace, wear more supportive footwear or use an ace bandage. If your pain persists, I would see a Podiatrist. Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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