Painful feet after years of wearing heels

I am 62 years of age and have worn heels most of my life. The bones in my feet have grown in the shape of wearing heals. My problem is when I exercise my feet hurt terribly. I’ve tried all kinds of good athletic shoes but the problem is caused by my feet in the being in a straight position. Barbara Stone

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    Hello and thank you for your question. I would start by releasing your feet for 10 minutes daily on a golf ball or RAD Roller ( followed by 5 minutes of calf stretching. This should be done every day for a good month to begin to see changes in your foot mobility and foot stiffness. As much as you can I’d try to transition out of heeled shoes to what’s called transitional heel toe drop shoes. In addition you can use the Correct Toes ( nightly to bring mobility to the toes. This will create a noticable difference in your foot pain. I hope this helps!

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