Painful corn, heel pain from shard of glass

A very long time ago a small piece of glass went in my left foot’s heel. For years I have been feeling pain there but only when I step down hard on the heel. I think the glass is still in there. What is best thing to do at this point?

I also have developed a hard painful corn around the area and under the front part of my foot because that’s the part I use frequently for walking to avoid stepping with my painful heel.

My feet get sweaty and smelly everyday, I tried foot powders and cream but they don’t work, because of this moisture I have pain in between my toes as it is wet and sensitive. Doctor can this feet be healed? Especially the heel. Thank you.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. I’d need to see your foot to see if there really is still glass in the foot. It is quite possible it is not and is another issue causing you pain. If you have not seen a Podiatrist I’d suggest doing so since you have several issues going on. You will most likely need a prescription for the sweaty / smell going on as it is most likely fungal. Again I’d see a Podiatrist to resolve all issues the most efficiently. Good luck!

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