Painful corn in between my first and second toe

I walk a million miles a day. I now find it very, very difficult. I have a painful corn in between my first and second toe on my right foot. I also have a bad callus on the side of my right foot below my toes. I also now have inflamantion on the top of my right foot becase I have to walk funny to avoid the pain. My first toe on my right foot curves around my second toe which I am sure does not help. I standing/walking 11 hours a day and I am now finding it impossible to even tolerate it. I take ibuprophen and asprin for pain to no avail. I have tried corn removers, pads and toes separators to no avail. Dying. Any advice would be so helpful!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance!!! Karen

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    Hello Karen Thank you for your question. I would see a Podiatrist who can debride (shave) the calluses for you. This is a temporary solution however the Podiatristi would be able to advise on why you are getting the calluses in these specific areas of the foot. There may be paddings or orthotics that can be used to off load the areas. Calluses are directly related to pressure so your pain is telling me you need to find a way to re-distribute some of the pressure in your feet. At that same time the Podiatrist can advise on your big toe and how it’s shifting towards / under your 2nd digit. I hope this helps!